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Dick Beadles, an organizer and founding member of the Virginia Rail Policy Institute board, as well as being a VRPI fellow, is an independent rail and transportation analyst, commentator and critic.
   He has had extensive experience in both rail transportation and urban real estate asset management and development. Originally an up-from-the-ranks railroader, becoming President of the RF & P Railroad, Beadles has had more than fifty years experience as both a practitioner, as well as follower, of transportation and land planning, development and asset management with both the RF & P and CSX.

   His cogent comments and observations are his views, and have not been adopted as policy statements by the Virginia Rail Policy Institute.

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November 2011

VA Amtrak Travel Exceeds Capacity

Transportation Funding Challenges

October 2011

Entitlements; Social and Transportation

Opportunity Knocks for Rail Freight

September 2011

Earthquake, Wind and Flood

Railroads and the U.S. Mail

August 2011

Transportation and Tea Party Politics - I

Transportation and Tea Party Politics - II

July 2011

Taking the Trash Out - by the Trainload

The Poughkeepsie Bridge and Rail Prosperity

June 2011

Virginia's Stake in the Northeast Rail Corridor

May 2011

Petersburg, Roanoke River, and DC

Why Railroads are so "Difficult"

April 2011

VA HSR - Fog, Bluster, & Posturing?

"World Class" Rail on Single Track?

March 2011

Transportation Fantasy Land

Ports, Ships, Trains, & Tracks

February 2011

A Vision of Trains and Windmills?

Wall Street Be-Damned

January 2011

Good Intentions - Bad Policy?

No Free Ride in Transportation

December 2010:

If We Are Serious About Rail ...

Bigger Trucks, Smaller Autos

November 2010:

Giving Thanks for Amtrak

Election Implications for Rail

October 2010:

A Tale of Three Rail Tunnels

The Consequences of Rail Deregulation

September 2010:

Needed: RAIL IM Net On-and-Off Ramps

Can Rail Make a Dent in Trucking?

August 2010:

Rail Labor and "Productivity"

Those Freight RR TV Commercials

July 2010:

Ghost of Train Nos 10 and 29

A Final Round of Big RR Mergers

June 2010:

Dept. of Defense Use of Rail

Redundancy, it's Necessary

May 2010:

Arbor Days on Mainline RRs

Rails to Raleigh, the North Carolina Way  A neighbor to envy and emulate

April 2010:

Mining Rail Nuggets from Annual Reports  The recent picture.

Virginia's Remarkable Rail Turnaround What's changed?

March 2010:

Industrial Sprawl and Rusty Rails, the extinction of the rail mode.

Warren Buffett, Railroads and Virginia observations and impacts.

February 2010:

The Practical Limits of Productivity and an all-weather transportation mode.

Virginia Population, Jobs, and Rail Freight considers the shocking loss of manufacturing jobs from the area, and its impact on rail freight.

January 2010:

A Plan for Hampton Roads Rail lays forth seven key steps to improve rail infrastructure into Virginia's critical port area.

See Facing Domestic Transport Realities for an analysis of the latest report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics about the share of domestic freight carried by each mode.

My two December blogs, "A Christmas Train Puzzle" and "Rail Improvement Stocking Stuffers" round out the twenty-four issues of Observations and Comments for 2009. Happy New Year!

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